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Fertility Care Scotland is recruiting passionate volunteers to learn and teach the Billings Ovulation Method®, a highly successful method of natural family planning. Trainees will receive important modern career training, including video conferencing, Google Docs, SharePoint, Excel & more, along with in-depth fertility awareness instruction & communication training. Trainees will also be given one-to-one mentorship and receive full accreditation as a Billings Ovulation Method® teacher upon successful completion of the programme.

The Experience Required

Dedicated and personable trainees, with a keen interest in fertility and reproductive health. Someone who is caring and able to speak to clients comfortably and kindly in sometimes delicate situations.

Training Details

Trainee teachers must complete nine training sessions online by a remote correspondence course, which they can complete flexibly on a timetable that suits them. However, each session must be submitted within one month. Trainees are expected to complete the nine sessions of this course within twelve months of registration. Providing all criteria are met, accreditation is obtained by gaining supervised clinical experience through the Clinical Component. This consists of completing a Mock Case Study and clinical experience, which will be added to the trainee’s Body of Work and submitted as a ‘Case Study’. Trainees are expected to complete all requirements for accreditation within three years. The trainee will then be recommended for accreditation on satisfactory completion of all requirements, and can then begin teaching as an accredited teacher.

Advanced Teacher Training Online Course

We use an Advanced Teacher Training Online Course (ATTOC) for active Teachers who are looking to re-accredit. These are hosted virtually approximately every 18 months over six weekly ZOOM sessions. For further details, contact Head Office.

Location/Travel Details

Training for new and re-accrediting teachers is mainly completed online, working one-to-one with an experienced accredited teacher over video calls and using digital resources. In-person training opportunities are available occasionally, but remote training from a volunteer’s own home will remain a flexible option.

Criteria for Accreditation

  • be available to teach at least monthly
  • attend a full WOOMB Approved Teacher Training Programme and complete the Assessment Tasks.
  • attend the majority of approved continuing professional development opportunities provided.

Fertility Care Scotland is the only organisation in Scotland that provides Teacher Training and Accreditation in the authentic Billings Ovulation Method® of Natural Fertility Regulation.

Fertility Care Scotland is affiliated to WOOMB International (World Organisation Ovulation Method Billings) and is licensed to Train, Accredit and Re-Accredit Teachers in the Billings Ovulation Method®. Teachers are drawn from medical and non-medical backgrounds including satisfied users of the Method.

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196 Clyde Street
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Tel: 0141 221 0858