This is our Faith

A list all aspects of Core Learning in “This Is Our Faith” covered by the Love and Fertility Programme.

‘This is Our Faith” Core Learning progresses from Early Level (P1) to 1st Level (P2-4), 2nd Level (P5—7),
3rd Level (51-2) and 4th Level (53). The Programme covers 3rd and 4th Levels.

l have given one example of Core Learning Targets in full and the rest by using references to ”This Is
Our Faith”. As all teachers should have access to “This Is Our Faith” the references may be enough.

3rd Level 51 RERC 3-01a – Mystery of God (Page 217 TIOF)
I am developing my awareness of the mystery of life by exploring:

  • The wonder of my body
  • The wonder of my feelings
  • The wonder of my need for relationships

I have had opportunities to consider how these are examples of God’s invitation to relationship. In
light oflesus’ example, I have reflected on some aspects of wonder and mystery in my life and I am
developing my skills of discernment, learning how to be sensitive to God’s presence in my life and in
the world.

I have responded to opportunities, through prayer and reflection, to develop my awareness of God’s
invitation to relationship in my everyday life and therefore to become more aware of all that is
sacred in my life.

I am deepening my understanding of wonder and mystery in life by discovering that Christ is first
born of all creation (Col 1:16 —”In Him were created all things”)

I am beginning to understand that Christ ”is the head of all creation”. (Col 1:16)

3rd Level 51 RERC 3—02a – In The Image Of God (Page 218 TIOF)

I have considered the Christian vision of the dignity of the human person, made in the image and
likeness of God. I have reflected on how this has contributed to my becoming the person I am today.

3rd Level 51 RERC 3-23a — Reign Of God (Page 236 TIOF)

I have developed awareness of the elements essential for making informed decisions and I have
examined situations which pose a moral challenge in life. I can describe and explain my response and
the responses of others to these situations.

3rd Level 51 RERC 3-24a — Reign Of God (Page 237 TIOF)

l have experienced opportunities to engage with issues of social injustice and I can describe how Church
teaching in this area has affected my response and the responses of others to these issues.